Youth Training

Alphalete speed, core, and fundamental school is a speed and agility school for our athletes. This class is designed to teach our 8 year old and up athletes proper running mechanics. The keys to this class is developing neuromuscular efficiency and rate of force development in our athletes who continuously attend this class. We use a variety of sport specific exercises, with injury prevention exercises in this class. This class will help athletes improve their speed, quickness, agility, change of direction, reaction, and overall athletic movement abilities for competition! We also incorporate the fundamentals of exercise. We focus on flexibility, and proper form when in this class. Learn how to correctly squat, do push ups, and strengthen your core to improve your performance. Learn the fundamentals all while improving your overall athletic ability and power! Alphalete speed school will have groups of athletes, so be prepared to work together as a team! We work smarter, not harder! Please come into the facility to see our space, and to check out the schedule and pricing!